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For the everyday


FFknives produces bespoke knives for a variety of uses. Each knife is unique and made with a custom selection of materials, ranging from exotic and indigenous woods, antler and bone to composite gemstone and canvas/paper Micarta.

All blades are made from forge-hardened 1095 high carbon steel, which holds a superior edge.

Every FF knife is unique and ordering one is a conversation. We’ll talk about blade design, handle materials and intended use to create a knife perfectly suited for your needs.

Since the knives are made from high carbon steel, owning a knife means you are responsible for it’s care. Knive handles should be oiled on occasion, and your knife should be kept in a dry place.


To place an order, contact:

Once your request has been recieved, FFknives will work out the details with you, including materials and cost.

Orders typically take one month for turnaround, but may vary due to order volume.


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Fred Frederick was born in Punxsutawney, PA and weened on Iron City. He currently lives in Philadelphia and drinks whatever you’re pouring.